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Project Paperclip and the Kennedy Assassination

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Project Paperclip and the Kennedy Assassination

by Alex Constantine

After the fall of Berlin, the Allies launched Operation Lusty to gather scientific papers, blueprints and experimental models hidden away in abandoned mines, ancient castles, caves and buried vaults throughout occupied Europe. In his review of Nazi technology, Colonel Donald Putt, assistant commanding officer for the Allied Technical Information Service (soon to serve in Operation Paperclip with a promotion to Lt. General), stated in July 1946 that fleeing German scientists had left behind, at Peenemunde, Wiener Neustadt (home of the famed Nazi “Foo Fighters”) and elsewhere, prototypical marvels of future air warfare.

After the occupation of Germany, Colonel Putt toured the once-bustling R&D complex at Volkenrode. Journalist Tom Bower reported in 1987 that Putt was “amazed.” Strolling though the laboratories, the colonel “realized he was in the midst of [the] most magnificent and lavish research facility ever constructed. The sheer abundance and extravagance of the instruments, subsidiary tools and testing equipment were awe-inspiring.”

Theodore von Karmen, an American scientific adviser to the Air Force, was struck by the overwhelming evidence of German technical superiority. He was one of a small circle of military officials who, Bower reports, “forged the wartime marriage between the military and the scientists.” Von Karmen found employment after the war at CalTech, where he worked closely with Jack Parsons, the head of the Agape Lodge of the Ordo Templis Orientis (OTO), the occult lodge in Pasadena frequented by Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard. A publicity release from Kelly Air Force Base touts Karman and Putt as originators of “a program to bring hundreds of Germany’s best scientists and technicians to the United States.” Putt was a “founding father” of the Air Force Scientific and Technical Intelligence Division. He was the postwar deputy commanding general for intelligence in the Air Technical Service. In 1995, he was inducted into the Air Intelligence Agency’s “Hall of Honor.”

Many were briefed on aspects of the Nazi exodus, but two men knew all. The debriefing of Kammler and Speer took place in a pocket of history sealed and stricken from the record by the Pentagon. The fumigators converged on the moment. There survives no record that officials of the U.S. mission ever spoke to Herr Kammler – the man who built Auschwitz and Nordhousen- or even sought him out, an impossible oversight.

Four entirely different accounts of have been given of his disappearance on April 17, 1945.

Transcripts of the interrogation of Albert Speer by Allied official s are stored at the British Public Record Office. Their release has been denied until the year 2020, ignoring the standard 30-year policy. A microfilm copy of the interrogation of Albert Speer is filed at the U.S. National Archives. Speer stubbornly denied knowledge of the Holocaust at Nuremberg, but a number of scholars have rejected his disavowals, including Matthias Schmidt in Albert Speer: The End of a Myth (1984), and Gitta Sereny in Albert Speer: His Battle with Truth (1995). He was denied a position in the postwar West German government because he was considered tainted. Speer’s memoirs briefly mention the development of flying saucers. The books were best-sellers and made him millions.

The confiscation of German scientific files and prototypes was the chore of Allied “T-Forces,” OSS and military operatives assisted by “Paperclip” personnel, playing escort to the Nazi romance with bloodshed.

An Octopus’s Garden

Top Gun pilots chased a UFO across Europe to within five miles of the English coast, it was claimed yesterday.

A Belgium F16 Fighter locked onto the craft, but it swerved and vanished after accelerating from 230 mph to 1,700 mph in half a second. More than 13,000 people in three countries reported seeing the UFO in 1990. Now author Derick Sheffield is claiming a cover-up by the Ministry of Defence.

The Sun (UK)

4th September 1995

On numerous occasions, I was hypnotized to think that the helicopters I was forced to ride in were UFO’s. – Kathleen S., Abductee

Among the first of the technical hunters and gatherers was Major Clay Shaw, OSS, the spy who went on to become general manager of New Orlean’s International Trade Mart, an import-export concern with a clutch of European war criminals on its board of directors. He was the wartime aide de camp to General Charles Thrasher. After the war, Shaw rose to deputy chief of staff at a detainment camp for Nazi POWs. In The Kennedy Conspiracy, Paris Flammonde describes a fateful meeting:

Von Braun first met Clay Shaw in 1945 when he, Walter Dornberger [soon to become the chairman of Bell Helicopter] and about 150 other Nazi rocket scientists abandoned Peneemunde and traveled south to join the American forces in Germany close to the French border. The Nazis were brought to the Deputy Chief of Staff’s headquarters where major Clay Shaw maintained their relationship over the years through their mutual connection with the Defense Industrial Security Command, or D.I.S.C., an operational arm of the counterespionage division of the FBI.

Shaw was arrested and tried for complicity in the murder of John Kennedy, acquitted on March 1, 1969 by a grand jury. When Shaw learned he was a suspect in the Garrison investigation, he immediately phoned one Fred Lee Crisman, a veteran of Operation Paperclip and a covert contract “security” specialist for aerospace firms. In 1947, Shaw’s contact supposedly found “metal slag” fragments dropped by a UFO over Maurey Island off Tacoma, Washington. Crisman claimed to have given the fragments to two G-2 officers from Wright-Patterson Air Force Base (a Paperclip stronghold overseen by General Twining), witnesses of the overflight. Their plane crashed three days later, killing them both. The ensuing investigation determined that the plane had been “sabotaged.” Ever the good soldier, Crisman steered speculation over motive to the slag. Anthony Kimery, a publisher and former organized crime inves tigator in Washington, D.C., thinks Crisman “knew a lot more about the aircraft [witnesses] saw than he admitted – aircraft some intelligence sources believe were hybrids of those designed early that decade by Nazi engineers who were brought to the U.S. under Project Paperclip.”

Another link to Dallas was the UFO found by Guy Banister, the FBI “counter-terrorist” for Division Five who lurked at 544 Camp Street, a fierce anti-communist alleged in conspiracy lore to have run Lee Harvey Oswald through a self-implicating obstacle course on the edge of the John Kennedy assassination. In 1947, Banister reported the discovery of a “flying disk” in Twin Falls, Idaho, according to a July 11, 1947 Associated Press report. The saucer measured about 30.5-inches across, and “appeared to have been turned out by a machine,” possibly a prototype. Suspects in the Kennedy assassination somehow had a knack for stumbling onto the disks.

It is a comment on the UFO-mind-control-intelligence connection that the counterterrorist unit of the FBI already tied to Shaw and Crisman, Division Five, also employed Guy Banister – and has been largely responsible for the development of a form of remote brain manipulation known as Ultrasonic Intra-Cerebral Control.



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