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Unfair to Anarchists (SF Chronicle 13/7/10)

Posted in Uncategorized by ce399 on 23/07/2010

Unfair to anarchists

It’s a real disservice to use anarchists as a synonym for rioters and looters, as some of The Chronicle’s coverage of the reaction in Oakland to the Mehserle verdict has done. Anarchism is a political philosophy providing the foundation for several social movements. Many anarchists want to abolish large national government and instead build a society of small, self-governing, non-authoritarian, peaceful communities. The website of the Bay Area National Anarchists ( www.bayareanationalanarchists.com) called for restraint and discourse as appropriate responses to the verdict.

Why besmirch a legitimate philosophy and political movement when the word you really want is vandals?

Emily Stoper, Oakland



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