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Posted in Uncategorized by ce399 on 26/07/2010

Networking is an important necessity; it is also a very subtle necessity. Do it too little, and you are regarded as anantisocial; do it too much and you are considered a desperate leech. In the organizational context (and mind you only that context) why do people have the need to network? Maybe to get a new lead resulting in a job; or maybe to get a new business contact with the aim of boosting sales. It could also be to find out and establish contact with other people with a similar mindset or interest so as to ensure that the workplace becomes a little more interesting. It could very well be to satisfy that very basic human need of being heard from (where art thou Maslow ?). If you are a manager, sometimes you need to network within the organization to smoothen out certain processes, and get them done right and on time. Whatever the motivation, there is a the reality that while working one needs to reach out to other people. Maybe if you are on the ISS or in a lab at Antarctica, your dimensions and motivations for networking would vary; but not necessarily the necessity of it. What do we need then to network effectively ?


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