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The Nazi Hydra – Ratlines: The CIA & The Nazis

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“A clique of U.S. industrialists is hell-bent to bring a fascist state to
supplant our democratic government and is working closely with the fascist
regime in Germany and Italy. I have had plenty of opportunity in my post in
Berlin to witness how close some of our American ruling families are to the
Nazi regime. . . .

Certain American industrialists had a great deal to do with bringing fascist
regimes into being in both Germany and Italy. They extended aid to help
Fascism occupy the seat of power, and they are helping to keep it there.”

Another industrialist that was closely aligned with du Pont and involved in
the plot against FDR and also hindered the war effort was Andrew Mellon the
head of Alcoa. George Seldes had this to say about Alcoa:

“If America loses the war it can thank the Aluminum Corporation of America”
Secretary of Interior Harold Ickles, June 26,1941. By its cartel agreement
with I.G. Farben controlled by Hitler, Alcoa sabotaged the aluminum program
of the US air force. The Truman Committee heard testimony that Alcoa’s
representative, A.H. Bunker a dollar a year head of the aluminum section of
the OPM prevented work on our $600,000,000 aluminum expansion program.
Congressman Pierce of Oregon said in May 1941: “To date 137 days or 371/2% of
a year’s production has been wasted in the effort to protect Alcoa’s
monopolistic position. This delay translated into planes means 10,000
fighters or 1,665 bombers.”

This of course is the answer to the boys on Guadalcanal and in Tunisia and
not absenteeism, the 48 hour week or wage increases to meet the cost of
living.” 131

Today the Republicans controlled by a faction of fascists are still calling
for the elimination of one of the most successful government programs ever,
Social Security and enacting of the same agenda of Irenee du Pont.. The right
wingers since the Reagan years have passed huge tax bonanzas for the rich and
corporate America a policy followed by the Nazis. The Republicans have also
passed a huge excess of corporate welfare until the amount of corporate
welfare now exceeds social welfare by at least a factor of ten. In short the
Republican Party today will settle for nothing less than corporate rule. Such
an extreme form of capitalism or corporatism is at the heart of fascism..

But for this writer this time period is the answer to a question that has
plagued the writer like an open festering wound. The question arose in the
early 1980s in the period of darkness otherwise known as the Reagan
administration. In response to the Republicans debating on the floor of
congress of declaring ketchup as a vegetable and therefore a hot dog with
ketchup smeared on it constituted a balance meal, this writer began asking
the question of “where did it all go wrong.” This writer began looking
systematically at the Nixon administration, the JFK assassination,
McCarthyism and rejected them all. No it was during the war that a wholesale
change from liberal enlightenment to repression occurred first in the
business community, then spreading to the general public and eventually into
public policy. It was not a clear and straight transformation the change took
several diversions before the 1980s.

But it was during this period that the US adopted a policy of nationalism and
a phobia of communism, both traits of fascism. This was also the time that
the root of the extreme corporatism that the Republicans of today embrace and
advocate. Extreme corporatism is just another name for fascism. It was the
emergence of fascism in this time period that has lead to many of the
inequities of today. This writer believes that the failure of the US to adopt
a national health care policy like the rest of the industrial world can be
traced to this very time period. In fact Harry Truman first proposed such a
measure during this time period. Of course the right wingers of the time
attacked it with a vengeance labeling it as socialism or even communism.

The writer will also grant the reader that given the enormity of WWII that it
wold affect the future for a long period afterwards. But that doesn’t account
for the wholesale change in the domestic opinions or politics. Phobias such
as the extreme fear of communism in the late 1940s and early 1950s are rarely
adopted by an entire population without first propagandizing the population.
In short national phobias are learned behavior. And in this case it was not
the elected leaders of the country teaching the lesson. But even more
importantly this is time period in which a permanent defense industry was
established. And just as the military-industrial complex formed the very
heart of the Nazi war machine, the military-industrial complex that
Eisenhower saw allowed the fascist to establish a power base within the US.

The writer will concede that these changes so far have not produced
full-blown fascism in the US. Some prefer the terms such as proto-fascism or
neo-Nazi, but that doesn’t change the fact that once the happy face is
stripped off, one is still left with a stark raving mad Nazi. Presently all
that is needed is a strong figurehead from the right wing for full-blown
fascism to emerge in the US. The remainder of this chapter will look at how
the CIA brought known Nazis and war criminals into the US and the effect that
this has had on US policy and will lend support to support this hypothesis.

But even more serious did the dollar a year-men and the military conspire to
manufacture a war? The war in question would have been the Cold War. Russia
was our ally and the defeat of the Nazis can be largely credited to the
Russians at Stalingrad. Through lend lease over the objections of the
conservative element in this country we provided much of the needed munitions
for Stalin to fight with. Up until the later stages of the war around the
1943-44 period the conservative element had been held in check. But at
sometime during this time frame they broke free to run amok. Perhaps, the
best dating of this can be placed with the appearance of the free enterprise
hype from du Pont. But here are the facts. In 1943 Donald Nelson a former
chairman of the war production board returned from a trip to Russia with a
plan for post war trade with Russia. In the agreement the US would supply
Russia with manufactured goods while Russia provided the US manufactures with
the raw material.47 Records from the time clearly shows that the Soviets were
unable to continue to wage war. Detente would be delayed for another twenty
years and even then it would be attacked viciously by right wing elements in
America. But by the end of the war the official mood towards Russia was one
of open hostility. Could the military and the dollar a year-men covertly
manufactured a needless war that consumed the next forty years and pushed the
world to the brink of a nuclear holocaust? That question will be left for the
chapter on the 1950s.

Both Dulles brothers benefited immensely in the years 1939-1941 before the
entry of the US into the war. Allen restructured the Giesche conglomerate 50%
owned by Anaconda Copper from both Hitler’s and the US. In 1940 a three way
deal between German buyers such as I.G. Farben represented by Allen, the
German and Spanish bankers represented by John Foster and Saudi oil interest
represented by Phibly to ship oil through Spain to Nazi Germany. The
principle supplier was Caltex a union of Socal and Texaco arranged by none
other than John Forestal in 1936.22 This deal was at the heart of the Truman
Committee’s investigation leading to the blackmail threat of a cut off of oil
supplies to the US. At least three other intelligence officers believe that
it was Allen Dulles personally behind the threat. Collaborating evidence
including the direct participation of the American oil company involved

This brings us up to the war years and the formal beginnings of the US
intelligence agency with the formation of the OSS. In reality the first
intelligence agency was the short-lived Office of the Coordinator of
Information formed (OCI) in 1941, the OSS came a year later in 1942. Both
were headed by Wild Bill Donovan. Without a doubt the three most influential
in the OSS and the later CIA were Donovan, Allen Dulles and Frank Wisner all
had came from former Wall Street law partnerships. As director of the OCI

Donovan recruited several of his former law partners, among these were Otto
Doering, James Murphy and Ned Buxton. Thus from the very beginning we see
that the intelligence agencies of the US were awashed with Wall Street
lawyers, an odd combination for a spy agency. It should be mentioned here
that John McCone the fifth Director of the CIA was a subordinate of Forestal
during the war. Forestal has already been mentioned in subverting the
policies of Truman, this may indeed be a case of guilt by association but it
remains worth noting. Likewise McCone was president of Becthel a corporation
that was essentially the State Department under Reagan. Becthel was also one
of Dulles’s long-standing allies and by 1952 had extensive political contacts
at the highest level. These contacts were not accidental, they came through
John Simpson a director of the Schroder Bank and close friend of Allen

FDR’s ok of Dulles as the head of the New York OCI was a setup. Roosevelt
knew that Dulles’s clients included most of the camouflaged Nazi-American
interests. Britain had been given permission to conduct illegal wiretaps in
New York to uncover Nazi interests. The wiretaps being illegal could not be
used in an American court but the information could be used in England to
stem the flow of money and munitions to the Nazis. British agents have been
strongly implicated in the deaths of a few Americans that were dealing with
the Nazis, Dulles office was one of the offices that the British had bugged.
In fact there was a wire-tapping office one floor beneath Dulles new office.
Following the war Roosevelt planned on using this information to help
prosecute Dulles. Two unforeseen events occurred to scuttle FDRs plan, one
someone tipped Dulles off. The leak is commonly attributed to Vice President
Henry Wallace and this was the motivation for dumping him from the ticket in
1944. Secondly the death of Roosevelt killed the plan entirely, as Truman was
never informed over it. Dulles likewise was not Roosevelt’s only target, many
other wealthy Wall Street investors were also targets reportedly also
including Joseph Kennedy. Former Supreme Court Justice Arthur Goldberg
confirmed Dulles was being set up before his death.23

It is also known at the end of the war Allen Dulles was investigated by the
combined U.S.- British Combined Chiefs of Staff for his dereliction of duty
and refusal to follow orders. But the military records have disappeared.24 In
this case Dulles was trying to broker a surrender and a grant of amnesty to
the highest ranking SS officer in Italy, Karl Wolff in the spring of 1945.
Dulles had been ordered to break of the talks with Wolff but continued on
ignoring orders even to the point of rescuing Wolff from Italian partisans.
Wolff eventually went free despite the fact that he was Himmler’s chief of
staff, had arranged contracts for slave labor and was the chief Nazi sponsor
behind Treblinka. This is but one example of the travesty of justice at
Nuremberg that the writer was referring to earlier.

Dulles effectiveness as a spy located in Bern was rather shabby at best. As
shown by the following quote from a cable from Washington to Dulles in
January 1944.

“We think it is essential that you be informed at once that almost the entire
material supplied disagrees with reports we have received originating with
other sources, and parts of it were months old. There has been degeneration
of your information which is now given a lower rating than any other source.
This seems to indicate a need for using the greatest care in checking all
your sources.. The Bern estimate of German forces is most inaccurate and
misleading. It contains grievous errors regarding locations and also includes
reports of non-existent divisions. Only 30 of the divisions reported west are
correctly identified the remaining divisions reported are either incorrectly
located or do not exist. In more than 50 instances, the classification of
divisions by type is wrong.” 25

Following the defeat of the Nazis at Stalingrad in 1943 many of the Nazi
businessmen realized they were on the losing side and decided to move their
money out of Germany before the end of the war. Allen Dulles was instrumental
in helping them move their assets to Argentina through Switzerland at first.
Dulles had ties to the Bank of International Settlements (BIS) through his
connection with the Schroder Bank, a Nazi Bank. Recently the BIS has
confirmed a 4 billion dollar purchase of gold from the Nazis during WWII. The
amount here is tiny relative to the nine billion francs on the eve of the
North Africa invasion, that the collaborationists were seeking from a dollar
exchange.29 After the Nazis informed him that the Allies had broken the Swiss
codes, Dulles shifted moving their gold through the Central Bank of Belgium
and some through Luxembourg and Liechtenstein. Operation Safehaven records
confirm that both Dulles and his aid, Gero von Gaevernitz were under
investigation for laundering the assets of the Nazi Bank of Hungary to
Switzerland while disguised as a series of movie companies.26 The invasion of
Normandy on D-Day stemmed any further efforts through these countries leaving
a large gold horde still in Germany.

Following D-Day Dulles rerouted his money laundering through Italy with the
help of the father son team of Hugh Angleton and son James and the Vatican.
The older Angleton may have served as a courier between the Vatican and Nazi
Germany. Financial donations from the Vatican to Hitler has been firmly
established.27 The Vatican was part of Dulles’s network to smuggle gold out
of Nazi Germany before the wars end. Additionally the Vatican has been tied
to the smuggling of gold out of Yugoslavia.28 As this was being written a
newly declassified document surfaced suggesting that the Vatican hid 200
million Swiss Francs stolen from Jews, Serbs and Gypsies.67 The younger
Angleton is credited with covering up the criminal investigation of his father
who may have been directly responsible for the smuggling of gold out of
Germany as well as the investigation of Dulles. James Angleton was
instrumental in recruiting Gehen and other known Nazis for the CIA following
the end of the war. Later he had a central role in supporting the Document
Disposal Unit (DDU) inside the state department.30 The DDU was controlled by
Allen Dulles and its apparent primary goal was to cover up Dulles’s war time
crimes as well as those of his clients.

At the end of the war Dulles had several worries. He had to cover up his own
dealings with the Nazis and that of both his American and German clients as
well as smuggling any remaining assets out of Germany. He adopted a mindset
that no American businessman was ever going to be convicted for treason for
helping the Nazis. Records show that at the end of the war the American Army
Counter Intelligence Corps (CIC) had two large Civilian Internment Centers
code named Ashcan and Dustbin. The CIC had identified a large number of
Americans that had remained in Germany and aided the Nazis. The evidence was
overwhelming for charging them with treason. Much of the evidence was
directly from captured German records and indisputable. Suddenly on orders
from the Department of Justice they were released. Those within the
department that spoke out were fired the one attorney that help bury the
treason cases was later promoted.31

The proof of such a cover up concerning the Nazis industrialists exists yet
today. It appears in the Forbes list of the richest men in the world. Near
the top of that list are several multibillionaires that were part of the
Nazi’s inner circle. One such example would be Karl Flick Jr. who still
appears on the 1997 list; another name is that of Bosch.32 Obviously in a
cover-up of such magnitude Dulles had to have had help from the other allies.
The British cover-up was even greater than that of the Americans, too many
royals were involved with the Nazis and too many British corporations would
have to be seized. The French was even worst than the British as many were
involved with collaborating with the Nazis during the occupation.33

Dulles conned Wild Bill Donovan into serving on the board of World Commerce
Corporation, a company that was to help rebuild Germany as a buttress to
communism along with Dulles and Sir William Stephenson from British
intelligence. He had assured Donovan that there were a large number of
wealthy investors in Argentina.34 Those investors were former Nazis smuggled
out of Europe with the help of Dulles s ratlines and their source of wealth
was the loot the Nazis had stolen from their victims. The economic rebirth of
West Germany in the 1950s was built in a large part with the stolen assets of
the victims of the Third Reich.

The writer is not being an alarmist or trying to spin a conspiracy theory
here. It is now past fifty years since the end of the war but the news of
today still cares an abundance of articles concerning war criminals and the
money stolen from the Jewish people. Congress has passed a bill to release
all information on war criminals, but some agencies notably the State
Department, the CIA and Department of Defense are still raising objects on
the grounds of national security.35 Undoubtedly the release of some
classified files is going to cause much embarrassment to not only government
agencies but to American corporations and their leadership. What follows is a
hodgepodge of synopsis of news articles appearing in the late 1990s.

Billions of German Marks from German taxpayers have been spent for “victims”
pensions. These pensions are paid to nazi war criminals. Estimates range as
high as 50,000 receive such pensions. One notable recipient of such pensions
was Wilhelm Mohnke a Hitler confident and commandant of the Furher bunker. He
also had a role in the execution of 72 POWs during the Battle of the Buldge.
Germany has only reluctantly agreed to halt such payments.36

The prosecution of Aleksondras Lileikis as a war criminal by the government
of Lithuania37

Kazys Ciurinskas a retired Indiana contractor who served as a member of the
2nd Lithuanian Schutzmannschaft Battalion a mobile Nazi killing unit faces
deportation for lying on his immigration papers about his involvement with
the nazis during WWII. Kazys’s battalion in October 1941 murdered over 10,000
people in Byelorussia.38

Five U.S. banks: Chase, J.P. Morgan, Guarnaty Trust Co, Bank of the City of
New York and American Express all turned over the accounts of Jewish
customers to the Nazis during the occupation of France.39

In an article appearing in Newsweek, dealing with the return of the heirless
assets the cooperation of American corporations with the Nazis is exposed.
Recently declassified documents show that at least 300 American firms
continued to do business with the Nazis during the war.40

The keyword in that Newsweek article is “during.” In other words these
American firms were actively providing munitions and war material for Hitler
to kill to American soldiers with. Does the reader still think corporate
America has his best interest at heart? The second point the reader needs to
focus on is the number of at least 300, previously the American public has
been led to believe that only a handful of American corporations did business
with the Nazis. Now it has been determined that was false and the real number
is at least a factor of ten larger. The article concludes with a partial
listing of the value of looted art, life insurance policies, property claims,
bank accounts and the suits initiated against firms that employed slave labor.

Clearly from these articles one can gather that once all the documents are
declassified there is going to be severe embarrassment of not only some
government agencies but also even more embarrassment in corporate America as
hinted at by the Newsweek article. At least one article shows that a
high-ranking Nazis were never brought to trial for war crimes. Or are we to
believe that our military and intelligence forces didn’t know who was the
commandant of the Furher Bunker?

This leads directly to how Nazi War criminals ended up in the US and their
effect on the post war period. By the end of the war our relationship with
Russia had become antagonistic if not openly hostile. It has already been
mentioned how domestic elements such as du Pont’s free enterprise had came to
dominate the political front. Of course communism was an anathema to this
group lead by Wall Street sharks and the wealthy. Dulles was of course a
member of this group and had the additional motivation to cover up his ties
and financial dealing with the Nazis and the Nazis were rabid in their hatred
of communism. Additionally the military wanted to reap the spoils of war and
gain the technology of the Nazis scientists. Out of this phobia of hate for
communism several programs were developed to take advantage of the Nazis in
the opening years of the cold war.

To understand how many of the programs that were developed and their effect
upon the post war period we first need to look at the Gehlen organization. A
full expose on the Gehlen organization is beyond the scope of a single
chapter, the reader is referred to Christopher Simpson’s book, Blowback for a
more complete discussion. Nor will the writer bore the reader with a
countless listing of war criminals within Gehlen’s organization. Rather they
will be included in the overview and sprinkled throughout this chapter as
they point towards other connections.

Not only was in one of the first to developed, it played a central role in
all of the other programs that followed and exerted the most influence upon
foreign policy than any of the others. Gehlen used the same common tactics
that many of the senior Nazis employed in surrendering to the allies. In
March 1945 Gehlen microfilmed the holdings on the USSR in the Nazis military
intelligence section and buried them in the Austrian Alps. On May 22, 1945 he
surrendered to the American counterintelligence team.

It was with these microfilms and Gehlen’s underground espionage network in
the USSR that Gehlen was able to broker a deal. This was a common theme among
high-ranking Nazis in surrendering, they first offered the allies something
of value while down playing their role in war crimes in exchange for
insulation from prosecution. Gehlen was held at the interrogation center at
Camp King; it was here that he first set about forming his organization. By
first establishing his network inside the camp Gehlen assured himself of a
central role in all intelligence dealings with the Nazis. It was this network
that Gehlen established in the camp that made him a central figure in every
aspect of the post war dealings with former Nazis. On the other end or the
American side the central figure is George Kennan, from the State department
and an early advocate of Soviet containment. Its ironic that Kennan was
attacked twice by the far right in America, for his policy of containment
rather than open confrontation, once in the McCarthy years and then again in
the Reagan years. By the end of the summer General Sibert and Walter Bedell
Smith as well as Wild Bill Donvan and Dulles were supportive of using Gehlen.
Of course with Gehlen being the Nazis chief intelligence officer in the east,
this was in violation of previous agreements with handing over all Nazis from
the eastern front to the USSR for possible war crimes. It is known that the
USSR protested the arrangement vigorously at Potsdam and could only serve to
further broach our relationship with the Soviets.

At this time the US intelligence of the USSR was essentially and empty file.
Not even rudimentary information of the rail or road system was known. Thus
any information supplied by Gehlen was received enthusiastically. The fact
that much of the information was obtained by Gehlen’s role in torturing and
murdering some 4 million Soviet prisoners was conveniently overlooked. Gehlen
likewise had a large role in fanning the flames of the cold war. A former CIA
chief analyst of Soviet military capabilities, Victor Marchetti now
acknowledge that Gehlen over estimated Soviet troop strength in Eastern
Europe as well as their battle readiness.50 The lack of battle readiness of
the Soviet divisions in eastern Europe should have been apparent to any
observer. They were engaged in ripping up the rail lines in their sector of
Germany to ship back to the USSR for constructing their own rail lines. The
Russians also relied heavily on horses rather than trucks or motorized
vehicles well into the 1950s an advantage in Siberia but a severe
disadvantage in western Europe. The Soviets lack of even basic infrastructure
was readily utilized in the cold war over flights by U2s. The pilots simply
followed every rail line and its spurs to locate the Soviets ICBMs as there
were few rail lines and even fewer roads.

Another associate of Gehlen, who was completely integrated within the command
structure of Vlascov’s Army and a major war criminal, Gustav Hilger was
instrumental in the US backing of Konrad Adenauer’s Christian Democratic
government.51 The backing of the Christian Democrats by former Nazi
industrialists and its effect extends to the present times. Another
benefactor of this financial backing was Kohl. Kohl was adamantly opposed to
compensation to the former slave laborers under the Nazis. One of his larger
financial backers and a war criminal that employed slave labor was Flick.54

Gehlen had promised that he would use no SS, SD or Gestapo officers in his
organization and promptly enlisted recruits from those organizations using
phony papers and false names. By 1946 Gehlen had resumed funding of Vlasov’s
Army, the underground Ukrainian army and other Nazi quislings. In 1947 SS
officers Franx Six and Emil Augsburg took charged of the émigré work. Both
were from the Amt VI group of the SS, the combined foreign intelligence
apparatus of the Nazis equivalent to the CIA. Most of Amt VI’s top officers
were instrumental in the mass extermination of Jews. Six was a major war
criminal and was favored by both Eichmann and Himmler. The following is a
quote from a 1944 speech Six delivered at a conference on the Jewish question.

“The physical elimination of Eastern Jewery would deprive Jewery of its
biological reserves. The Jewish question must be solved not only in Germany
but also internationally”48

Himmler was so please with Six’s work that he promoted him to a newly created
department of his own Amt VII. Six was eventually betrayed and tried for war
crimes, found guilty and sentenced to twenty years in prison. He only served
4 years before being granted clemency by John McCloy and returned to Gehlen’s
organization. McCloy could hardly have been unaware of Six’s background when
he granted the pardon. But it does point out the CIA’s active subversion to
US laws concerning SS officers and war criminals. Augsburg escaped any
prosecution. The work on the émigrés affairs these two war criminals did
served as a shopping list for the western allies.

Vlasov’s army and émigrés from other eastern European countries were the
source for Frank Wisner covert actions behind the rapidly developing Iron
Curtain. Wisner believed in covert actions to eliminate communism rather than
the containment policy of Kennan or Truman. He recruited heavily from various
émigré groups. The recruits were trained and often dropped across the borders
into communist territory. In most cases Wisner’s agents met a quick and fatal
fate as his agents were quickly apprehended. The thought of a spy within
their organization or a mole never occurred to them. Wisner was actually
responsible for wasting more Nazis after the close of the war then during it.
It also points out the extensive penetration of Soviets within the US
intelligence system and the poor screening of the war criminals that the CIA
recruited to combat communism.

The use of Vlasov’s Army came to be integrated within the US plans for a
nuclear war with the USSR. The roots of using former Nazis to conduct a
guerrilla warfare after the dropping of sixty to seventy atomic bombs on the
USSR first arouse in 1947 as advocated by Hoyt Vandenberg. Five wings of B29
bombers were committed to the émigré guerrilla army project.52 The Nazis were
to be dropped inside the USSR after the bombs had been dropped and to gain
control of strategic sites as well as control the local populace. Towards the
end of 1948 General Robert McClure had won the approval of the Joint Chiefs
for a full-scale guerrilla warfare to be follow a nuclear attack on the
USSR.Up until 1956 this was the attack plan against the Soviets. It employed
thousands of émigrés from the USSR including Vlasov’s army and Waffen SS men.
Recently documents discovered in the National Archives contained references
to a top secret State Department plan to recruit a network of Albanian
anti-Communists who had previously been denied a visa as Nazi collaborators
and war criminals.55

The astute reader should be asking himself at this point how the US hid
Vlasov’s army and supply such a force. For the most part the supplies were
provided from the excesses of war surplus equipment and presented no real
problem. Both the CIA and the military laid claim to controlling authority
over this covert force of guerrillas and from time to time employed them in
covert actions. Such cooperation from the émigrés was later used to sanitize
their records. To hid a army of thousands in Europe the US simply hid them
inside of another army of sorts in full view of everyone. They simply were
hid inside the labor camps known as Labor Service companies. Approximately
40,000 displaced persons were employed in these Labor Service companies,
guarding POW camps, removing bombing rubble from cities, locating grave sites
and similar work. Former Nazis were officially barred from these camps. But
at least as early as 1946 the Labor Services were recruiting former Nazis. As
an example Voldemars Skaistlauks a Latvian SS general and his top aides were
part of the Latvian labor company formed June 27 1946. Talivaldis Karklins
was another top Nazi in the Latvian labor company. He was a top official of
the Madonna concentration camp. His role in torture and murders at the camp
was known at least as early as 1963. He immigrated to the US in 1956. Finally
in 1981 the office of Special Investigations (the Nazi hunters within the
Justice Department) succeeded in bringing charges against Karklins resulting
in a complex legal battle. Karklins died peacefully in 1983 in Monterey,

Thus from the end of the war the personnel that would later become
instrumental in the CIA was concentrating on covert actions. Truman
originally saw the CIA as an informational gathering agency rather than an
agency centered about covert actions. However the National Security Act of
1947 defined five roles for the CIA. The fifth role was to perform all other
functions as the National Security Council directs. It was this role that was
exploited by Wisner, Dulles, James Angleton, William Colby and others, who
were responsible for directing the newly formed agency along these lines
actually subverting the intentions of Truman and forever changing the face of
the CIA.

The second success of this covert group within the CIA was the subversion of
the 1948 Italian election. The first was the intervention in Greece. The CIA
spent over $350 million of taxpayers dollars in its efforts to defeat the
communist party of Italy. But even more worrisome, the CIA used Americans of
Italian or Catholic heritage in its efforts through domestic propaganda. The
CIA’s charter strictly forbids domestic operations. Additional funding over
the $350 million came from captured Nazi assets taken from their Jewish
victims and was dispersed through the Vatican.49 This money was dispensed to
the Christian Democrats, while none of this money reached either the fascist
parties or the monarchists, the remains of the fascist apparatus and the
police joined the Christian Democrats as did many of the fascist clerics. In
essence the wealth stolen from the victims of fascism was used to place the
fascist back in power. Some of this money found its way to Monsignor
Bicchierai, who used it to fund an underground squad of anti-Communists. This
group was nothing more than a group of street thugs, who beat up left wing
candidates, broke up political meeting and intimidated voters. In short a
reincarnation of the early years of the Nazi Party.

There is evidence that the CIA has been involved in almost every Italian
election since WWII. Covertly funding right wing candidates and embarrassing
left wing candidates. The main element in which the money seems to flow
through is P2. In fact Operation Gladio is well known in Europe and continues
to make headlines while its virtually unheard of in America. Gladio was aimed
at preventing the rise of the communist party in Italy by supporting and
controlling the Christian Democrats. Gladio evolved out of Operation
Demanetize at the end of the war. A former black shirt and member of the
Knights of Malta, Licio Gelli, heads P2.127

The involvement of the Vatican and clerics in the election strikes back to
the role the Vatican played in setting up ratlines following the end of the
war. Again a full detail of the Vatican ratlines is beyond the scope of this
chapter and the reader is referred to Loftus’s book Unholy Trinity. Angleton
and Dulles were intimately involved with the Vatican. The first involvement
was the role of Monsignor Don Giuseppe Bicchierai as an intermediary in the
surrender of Wolf and Walter Rauff in Operation Sunrise. Rauff was a major
war criminal, who developed the gas truck execution program. The best
evidence to date links Bicchierai to aiding Rauff’s escape from Europe. These
ratlines provided a crucial escape route for former war criminals. Many of
the war criminals escaped to South America. In fact one South American
country received so many former war criminals that it passed word to the US
military intelligence that it would accept no more.56 But other countries
many in the Middle East as well as Canada, and Australia received war
criminals. Many of the war criminals that arrived first in South America
later entered the United States.

For the most part these war criminals files had been altered covering up
their crimes in the holocaust. Often times it was with the help from various
intelligence agencies that sanitized their files.

Recently a memo dated Oct. 21, 1946 from the Treasury Department has surfaced
linking the Vatican directly with hiding Nazi gold. The memo quotes a
reliable source in Italy as confirming that the Vatican was safeguarding
approximately 200 million Swiss Francs for the Nazis. Presumably this gold
was from the Nazi quislings, the Ustasha.67

Many politicians have embarrassing links to these ratlines. Ronald Reagan
helped to raise money for one of Dulles front groups that was laundering
money to fascist “freedom fighters.” Casey worked for another front groups,
the International Rescue Committee.59 These ratlines still appear to be
functioning today. Many Nazis have found a new home in the World-
Anti-Communist League headed by General John Sinlaub.

Although the first Nazi to enter the US for intelligence purposes was Gehlen,
who was briefly interrogated before being sent back to Germany to set up his
spy network, the floodgates did not open until 1948 with the passage of the
Displaced Persons Act. Likewise von Braun and some of the first Paperclip
scientists were admitted before Paperclip even existed as a formal operation.
Under the Displaced Persons Act a religious or charitable group could sponsor
émigrés.56 It was by this method that Stanislaw Stankievich entered the US
after his file had been sanitized. Stankievich was a war criminal and member
of the Einsatzgruppe B, he was the one that gave the order to murder over
7000 Jews in Borissow.57 Once in the US then these war criminals were then
free to sponsor additional émigrés. By this method the entire Belarus Nazi
quisling government came to settle around Patterson, New Jersey. The writer
does not wish to imply here that all of the émigrés were war criminals or
Nazi quislings. The majority of the émigrés were honest people displaced by a
world at war but the war criminals were allowed in mixed with these émigrés.

The most disturbing aspect of the influx of émigré groups has been on the
domestic political scene. It was already mention that Nixon thought these
émigré groups controlled largely by fascists were useful in getting out the
vote. He was not the first however to recognize this. Arthur Bliss Lane used
the Crusade for Freedom to generate enthusiasm among the émigré groups for
the Republican Party in the 1952 election.

By playing on the nation’s phobia of communism the Republicans campaigned on
a program of liberation rather than the containment policy of Truman and the
Democrats. Republican tactics within the émigré communities was almost
indistinguishable from the CIA’s Crusade for Freedom. Lane’s specialist in
the Ukrainian community was Valdimir Petrov. Petrov was a Nazi quisling city
administrator of Krasnodar. During his time as administrator the gas trucks
were introduced and at least 7000 were killed in that manner.60 There is no
evidence that these émigré groups were useful in swaying the results of an
election. However it does point the desperate nature and to what lengths the
right wing element in the US will go to obtain and keep power. The real value
of the émigrés to the Republican Party has been more within the party
structure and shaping the parties philosophy but that didn’t come about until
after the election of Nixon as president.



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  1. Ties said, on 08/08/2010 at 18:21

    More serious are insinuations about the supposed failure of Ratzinger’s own family to show more overt opposition to Nazi terror. Ties

  2. Other Wholesale said, on 12/08/2010 at 19:44

    The Nazis, it seems, are already searching for the Ark, minded Hitler hopes to use to make his stormtroopers invincible. Other Wholesale

  3. Document Holders said, on 15/08/2010 at 13:26

    profit organization dedicated to the creation of a library of all books banned or burned by the Nazi regime in both Germany and occupied territories. Document Holders

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