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Mae Brussell’s Picture of the Pentagon: The Spider and the ODESSA

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  1. ce399 said, on 27/08/2010 at 19:05

    Arnaud de Borchgrave is an interesting character who rears his ugly head now and again in parapolitical research discussions. I first learnt of him listening to the broadcasts of assassination conspiracy researcher Mae Brussell. Mae, as your readers may know, continued Jim Garrison’s work in exposing the post-war international fascist network* that is hell-bent on subjugating humanity and destroying the natural world.


    Interesting to note in the above diagram how the Pentagon plan view is shaped to conform to Otto Skorzeny’s ODESSA spider network. Of further interest is this plane view vis-à-vis a Mechanists appropriation of the indigenous spider woman’s web.

    international fascist network that is hell-bent on subjugating humanity and destroying the natural world.

    Btw, forgot to mention: this is clearly stated in the manifestos of Italian Futurism and/or the writings of FT Marinetti, founder of Italian Futurism.

    Further side notes: Mae Brussell utilised (perhaps unknowingly) radical post-structuralist connectivity in her parapoltical research presentations. To the uninitiated, this style may appear “unprofessional,” but pick up any radical text on critical theory and/or commodity fetishism (ie Baudrillard – who in turn was influenced by William S Burroughs, amongst others) and similar divinatory techniques are used.

    Mae Brussell was a parapolitical chamán or curandera.

    *and in many instances art and occult/freemasonic international fascist network – recall (proto)_fascism began as an art movement in Italy.

    [Needless to say, these are blog comments from elsewhere].

  2. ce399 said, on 27/08/2010 at 22:23

    I’m responding to your post in a very substantive, root-level and radical way.

    Notice I’m not afraid to use the word “radical” because I know what the etymology is.

    Now, if you’ve ever read a basic text on fascism, you’d know that social engineering and choreographed spectacles are part and parcel of how fascism really works. Especially in 21st century America, where fascists practice virulent forms of freemasonry utilizing electronic mass communications.

    If you’ve ever read any texts or listened to any lectures by Peter Dale Scott or Michael Parenti you’d know that fascism is conspiratorial. The United States has 16 intelligence agencies that operate in secret. The corporate state has a “state secrets privilege” for a reason.

    I’m sorry to upset your Dem vs. Rep false dichotomy – I’m sure you’re gatekeeping for the sake of some financial reward you receive from one of the mainstream parties.

    We don’t want neoliberalism, we don’t want corporate imperialism, we don’t want privitisation of the genome or anything else.

    Now if this blog is going to be intentionally stuck on “stupid” forever, I’ll post my comments elsewhere.


    I hope your next encounter with a brainwashed illuminati mannikin sporting a right-wing bumper sticker is more pleasant. As William Burroughs said: stay away from idiot vampires. ;)

    [Needless to say, these are blog comments from elsewhere].

  3. Dr Kiss Injure said, on 28/08/2010 at 15:57

    Re: The Nazification of the United States


    Quite honestly I think you should have your US citizenship revoked. Your Führer, in his infinite wisdom, created a place for arrogant schizophrenic leeches like you: REDACTED

    Now, if you wish to discuss this further, I would gladly ask you to engage in real physical combat: mano-a-mano. Pick the time and place and I’ll be there to correct you in the only way fascist creeps like you understand.

    I’ll only fight you if you agree to take of all your clothes and fight naked. Berserkers code: My nearly uncontrollable, trance-like fury can no longer be contained!


    Doc Injure

  4. ce399 said, on 28/08/2010 at 19:43


    I may have to leave the country at a moments notice due to the current political crisis.

    Like my mentor, Marcel Duchamp in 1940’s occupied France, I may have to fill my valise with cheese and slip past the Gestapo at the drop of a hat.

  5. ce399 said, on 24/09/2010 at 23:02

    Also re:search the relation btwn the Book of Revelations and transhumanism/spider’s web.

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