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The Dark Side of George S. Patton (Alex Constantine and Me 9/9/10)

Posted in Uncategorized by ce399 on 11/09/2010

To underscore the absurdity of such thinking, the Nordic race as Patton envisioned it did not include the Irish, even though he himself was descended from the Scots, another Celtic race which is genetically indistinguishable from the Irish, as the tribes who settled Scotland emigrated there from Ireland! Semites, and particularly Jews, were beyond the pale to Patton, whose family emigrated from Scotland to the Southeastern United States and fought in both the War of Independence and the War Between the States, taking a rebel stand in both wars. Patton at the end of World War II disparaged the Jewish inmates of Hitler’s death camps who had been re-interned in Displaced Person (DP) camps maintained by the U.S. Army in the Allied Zone of Occupation. He also expressed the injudicious opinion that the United States fought the wrong enemy, meaning that he would rather have had the country allied with Hitler’s Germany for a fight against Stalin’s Soviet Union. It was a common sentiment among reactionaries and isolationists before the War. That Patton would dare express such political sentiments underscores emotional instability. …


Dr. Kiss Injure responds:

What is equally absurd is the European and American “Jewish” religious and ethnic hijacking of the term “semitic.” I highly doubt Patton had many semitic Jews under his leadership. Most European and  American “Jews” are neither religiously “Jewish” or ethnically “semitic.” Obviously you’ve had enough time to come clean with these issues for your mentally constipated American audience – an audience sorely lacking in international perspective. The reason I mention this is because these debates (legitimacy of “Jewish” homeland, Zionist complicity with the Third Reich) are not new in Israeli academic and media circles. Hoping you haven’t become yet another neoliberal stooge?


Doc Injure


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  1. ce399 said, on 11/09/2010 at 01:02

    What is quite clear to me now, having studied the available evidence, is the Nazi holocaust was, in part, sanctioned eugenicide by Zionist (predominately non-ethnically semitic “Jews”) leadership. What is also quite clear to me now is that the Arab-Muslim eugenicide currently in progress is sanctioned and bankrolled by the Saudi leadership.

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