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Man Charged with Threatening to Arrest Kirkland, WA Mayor (Kirkland Reporter 8/10/10)

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Redmond resident David Russell Myrland, who allegedly made threats to Kirkland Mayor Joan McBride and Assistant City Attorney Oskar Rey, was charged with two counts of intimidating a public servant in King County Superior Court Sept. 24.

He learned of the charges when Reporter staff called his home to get his reaction.

Myrland’s alleged threats against McBride came via e-mail around Aug. 30 as he alleges he has a Writ to arrest the mayor as a city leader.

The e-mail was in response to his arrest by a Kirkland Police officer in August, resulting in the impounding of his vehicle for driving with a suspended license and expired vehicle-license tabs. At the time of Myrland’s arrest he was found to have an unloaded handgun on the front passenger seat with a loaded magazine lying next to the firearm, according to court documents. The gun was initially taken for safe keeping but later returned to Myrland.

Myrland, 52, said police wrongfully took his handgun, which compromised his safety when he encountered a threatening stray dog soon after.

He stated that Mayor McBride is an offender of Washington State felony statutes and is a threat to the safety of all residents of Washington State, according to court documents. He went on to say that he was going to arrest the mayor and warned McBride to leave her doors unlocked and to not resist arrest.

“Fifty or more concerned citizens with knowledge of your crimes will enter your home and arrest you, take you to competent authorities as provided by law,” said Myrland in the e-mail. “DO NOT RESIST as these Citizens will be heavily armed and will meet all resistance with all necessary force, as provided by law.”

He also told the Reporter: “We will publish a Writ that these people are subject to arrest. Where the mayor shops, where the mayor works, where the mayor lives – anytime, any day, without a knock, you’re coming with me by necessary force.”

McBride told Kirkland Police that upon receipt of the e-mail she became fearful for her safety, as well as the safety of her family. She was unaware of Myrland’s arrest. She was so fearful that she obtained a Temporary Anti-Harassment Order against Myrland, according to court documents.

McBride chose not to give a statement to the Reporter and referred staff to a City of Kirkland spokesman.

“We obviously take threats against city officials seriously,” said city spokesperson Marie Stake.

Rey, who lives in Seattle, received a voicemail message from Myrland on his home phone on Sept. 20, found by his wife. The caller ID had Myrland’s name and phone number listed and the message stated: “Keep your doors unlocked. Don’t resist. You’re going to be meeting people.”

Fearful for his family’s safety, Rey contacted Seattle Police.

Kirkland Police contacted Myrland about both incidents and he admitted authoring the e-mail and phone message. According to investigation documents, Myrland told detectives that “the Kirkland Police Department illegally arrested and kidnapped him, stole his motor vehicle, disarmed him by taking his handgun and allowed fines to be incurred against him in both tow impound fees and illegal traffic citations in Kirkland Municipal Court.”

Myrland said that he has every right to carry out the “arrests” for the “felonies” that the city officials have committed and he is going to carry them out.

Long history with city

When the Reporter contacted Myrland on Wednesday afternoon, he claimed he was confused about an unopened letter he received from the King County Prosecutor’s Office recently.

“I thought it was good news from the Prosecuting Attorney’s Office, when in fact it was a criminal complaint,” he said. “What can’t I say about them now. The temperature has been turned up.”

Myrland had not opened the mail sent to his house, presumably informing him that he had been charged, he told the Reporter. He thought the letter he received was a response to an earlier complaint against the city.

The self-described legal advocate and consultant has a long history with the City of Kirkland and contends that the city has performed unlawful actions against him since 2002. He sent a letter to Gov. Chris Gregoire, among others, Sept. 20 seeking an investigation into a “half dozen” Kirkland City employees.

“I am forming a group of private individuals to conduct the arrests of felons in public office as permitted by RCW 9A.16.020 … so I presume that federal felonies permit invocation of such arrest dominion over the offender,” Myrland wrote in the two-page letter.

He said officials would rather criminally charge him than look into ongoing complaints he’s had with the city.

“They’re going to arrest me and put me in King County Jail, search my apartment, it’s what they do. Nobody is safe,” the former Kirkland resident said.

Myrland will be arraigned on Oct. 7 and King County Senior Deputy Prosecutor Gary Ernsdorff asked for bail to be set at $50,000 as “The defendant does not believe that State laws apply equally to him.” Instead, a King County judge ordered Myrland to appear for arraignment and issued a restraining order, directing Myrland not to contact McBride and Rey.



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