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Corporatist Bailouts Have Not “Nationalised” Banks Nor Are They “Socialist”

Posted in Uncategorized by ce399 on 15/04/2011
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A taxpayer counts the cost

From Dr Hugh Goodacre.

Sir, The central issue that the financial crisis has brought into public debate is that banks’ losses have been effectively “nationalised” while their profits remain private. John Kay, in “The nightmare of taking on ‘too big to fail’” (April 13), totally fails to address this. In confronting regulatory issues, he writes, “the devil is in the detail”. On the contrary, the devil is in the big picture
Hugh Goodacre,

Department of Economics,

University College London, UK



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  1. ce399 said, on 15/04/2011 at 21:33

    Don’t align myself with the “NWO” disinfo agents in the so-called “conspiracy community” for this exact reason. They are very poorly versed in any concepts related to “radical” socialist-anarchist theory, practise or history. They insist on utilising the regressive and reactionary nomenclature of rightwingers. They’ve essentially hi-jacked all of the important work done by “assassination conspiracy” / deep politics reseachers like Mae Brussell. The internet radio programmes they’ve created are horrifically unlistenable. We already have a “one world government” made possible by neoliberalism and globalisation. This is what these illiterate imbicibles call… the coming ‘NWO.” The “NWO” is here, now. It’s fascist, not socialist. Pickup a basic text on political theory and learn the difference.[1]

    [1] Would socialist Salvador Allende, for example, have instituted any of the policies those in the “conspiracy community” associate with the NWO? When the FT publishes letters more “radical” then anything on your internet radio programme, that’s pretty damning!


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