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Mae Brussell’s 1982 History Lesson in American Politics Predicted America’s Current Political Turmoil

Posted in Uncategorized by ce399 on 14/05/2011

On June 21, 1982 Mae Brussell sat down to record and broadcast her 550th World Watchers International radio program. Her radio station was now located in Pacific Grove, California but Mae was not quite use to the new site and still wanted to announce her opening from Carmel, California nestled in the foothills, just a few miles from the ocean hugging town.

Mae might have been confused about the new broadcast location but she was crystal clear in her analysis of the American political scene. Always the teacher, Mae recalled the names of players and their evil associates who had surrounded President John F. Kennedy just prior to his assassination. Then she reminded her listeners that the successors to political and covert power in 1982 still had as their confidents and associates the same people whose names were often mentioned in the presidential murder conspiracy, those so often linked so closely with organized crime figures. Now these individuals were being placed in positions of power for the purposes of cover up and it was happening around the world, not just in the United States.

Mae Brussell wrote a seminal article about the Watergate players for The Realist in 1972. It was entitled Why Was Martha Mitchell Kidnapped? In this article Mae Brussell commented on the activities of the infamous CIA and how important the covert and often illegal activities of this agency would be in 1972.

President John Kennedy wanted to “splinter the CIA into a thousand pieces and scatter it to the winds.” The Bay of Pigs invasion caused him to realize that certain persons and powers dictate to the President. The CIA was fingered for their decision to make policies that belong to Congress and the citizens.

Members of the same CIA team that was active in the Bay of Pigs operation — the training, planning and financing of that fiasco — were working as a very strong team 11 years later when arrested at the Watergate Hotel. The decision making organization of the CIA was tampering with the electoral process one more time around.

President Harry Truman said, “There was something about the way the CIA was functioning that has cast a shadow over our historical positions.” Those observations were made in 1963, at which time Truman regretted his “building an American Gestapo.”


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