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I Walked With An SS-Obergruppenführer (Allen Dulles and Karl Wolff)

Posted in Uncategorized by ce399 on 15/05/2011

I Walked With An SS-Obergruppenführer

Roosevelt knew that Dulles’s clients included most of the camouflaged Nazi-American interests. Britain had been given permission to conduct illegal wiretaps in New York to uncover Nazi interests. The wiretaps being illegal could not be used in an American court but the information could be used in England to stem the flow of money and munitions to the Nazis. British agents have been strongly implicated in the deaths of a few Americans that were dealing with the Nazis, Dulles office was one of the offices that the British had bugged. In fact there was a wire-tapping office one floor beneath Dulles new office.

Following the war Roosevelt planned on using this information to help prosecute Dulles. Two unforeseen events occurred to scuttle FDRs plan, one someone tipped Dulles off. The leak is commonly attributed to Vice President Henry Wallace and this was the motivation for dumping him from the ticket in 1944. Secondly the death of Roosevelt killed the plan entirely, as Truman was never informed over it. Dulles likewise was not Roosevelt’s only target, many other wealthy Wall Street investors were also targets reportedly also including Joseph Kennedy. Former Supreme Court Justice Arthur Goldberg confirmed Dulles was being set up before his death.23

It is also known at the end of the war Allen Dulles was investigated by the combined U.S.- British Combined Chiefs of Staff for his dereliction of duty and refusal to follow orders. But the military records have disappeared.24 In this case Dulles was trying to broker a surrender and a grant of amnesty to the highest ranking SS officer in Italy, Karl Wolff in the spring of 1945. Dulles had been ordered to break of the talks with Wolff but continued on ignoring orders even to the point of rescuing Wolff from Italian partisans. Wolff eventually went free despite the fact that he was Himmler’s chief of staff, had arranged contracts for slave labor and was the chief Nazi sponsor behind Treblinka. This is but one example of the travesty of justice at Nuremberg that the writer was referring to earlier.



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