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Hermetically Sealed off from the Rest of Humanity

Posted in Uncategorized by ce399 on 07/10/2011

…the people of the United States of North America ha[ve] little in common with the world’s people’s  – they live in their own delusionary world, hermetically sealed off from the rest of humanity. Such separation cause[s] mass psychosis… – John Ross. !Zapatista!: Making Another World Possible: Chronicles of Resistance 2000-2006



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  1. kalkulator oc said, on 27/10/2011 at 08:36

    Palmetto trees and fleur de lis. Society South meets “Meet Me in St. Louis”. Washington, DC is the “State of Our Union”, where a Show Me state girl met a true Southern gentleman from Charleston, SC. Almost two years to the date of our first meeting, my fiance proposed to me in Lafayette Square, near the White House, with his great-grandmother’s 107 year old diamond engagement ring. This August, we will be united in marriage at St. Matthew’s Cathedral, four blocks from the White House (not only the site of our engagement, but our first date at the White House Christmas Trees too) and in the same neighborhood where we first exchanged business cards (in true DC fashion) at Porter’s.

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