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Compendium of Information on Greece the Corporate and Fake Left (@democracynow @TheNation) Media Ignore

Posted in Uncategorized by ce399 on 14/02/2012

Greece’s Debt Crisis: Fabricated_STATISTICAL FRAUD!

NYT Admits EU “Crisis” Tool for German Economic Imperialism and Political Hegemony (NYT 11/12/11) http://t.co/W8RsnII6

Greece Will Once Again Say No! (Oxi!) To German Economic Imperialism

FTR #746 Greek Tragedy

German Economic Policy and the Euro 1999-2010 by Richard Conquest (pdf file)

Richard Conquest: Is the euro Sustainable?

ce399fascism on Twitter! 1/6/11 (*Important*)

European Autonomous Social Movements And The Decolonization of Everyday Life

http://spitfirelist.com/?s=Greek+Tragedy (Search Results)

Greek Fascists Set to Become Part of New Provisional Government

Robbed of our dignity… humiliated. I can’t take this. I won’t allow it. Greece could do without the German boot. http://t.co/ZPDV7tlC21 hours ago

General Strikes in Greece, Spain (Independent Ireland 30/6/10)

Daily Overview of Social Uprising in Greece

Everyone to the Streets: Texts and Communiques from the Greek Uprising (pdf file)



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