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Banned from Spitfirelist #DaveEmory

Posted in Uncategorized by ce399 on 02/04/2012

Banned from commenting on #Spitfire. Apparently I was using terms deemed too “radical” for his listening audience: “globalisation” and “neoliberalism.” A safe hunch Mr. Emory is under the employ of AIPAC: A small minority of rich “Jewish” Americans who control US public opinion (ie #NYTimes) on the so-called “war on terror,” the Israeli Occupation, amongst other foreign policy atrocities. Mr. Emory’s “conspira-racist” tendencies are quite disturbing, to say nothing of intellectually dishonest.


Enter Peter Beinart, a political scientist and former editor of the liberal (and pro-Israel) weekly, the New Republic. At J Street next week he will launch a book, “The Crisis of Zionism” (Times Books), which has already sent plenty of people into a spin.

On Israel and many other issues, American Jews are well to the left of organisations, such as AIPAC and the Conference of Presidents of Jewish organisations, that claim to represent them. Unhappily, says Mr Beinart, that does not matter, because the organisations are sustained by a small number of rich donors and not accountable to the community.


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  1. ce399 said, on 04/04/2012 at 23:47

    Actually, I’ve noticed these terms (neoliberalism, globalisation) are generally banned from all “conspira-racist” media discourse: Alex Jones and Related “Patriot” Ron Paul “Libertarian” Capitalism, Red Ice Creations, Coast-to-Coast AM, David Icke, Dave Emory, probably more.

    • tyroneb said, on 06/10/2012 at 07:48

      Even so-called Patriot organizations will not allow any discussion of 9-11, except for ‘we gotta kill them rags’, or something to that effect.
      I’m referring to Free Republic dot com, and a smaller group such as Camp of the Saints.
      (Moslems had nothing to do with 9-11, yes they danced in the streets, but the Mossad plays them like Andre Rieu on his fiddle)

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